Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am BORED! What to do this summer?

Summer is a time for relaxation and rest for a student, but for a parent, summer can be overwhelming. Before your family has a chance to say, "I'm bored!" plan a meaningful summer using some of these great ideas.  Here are a few suggestions that may assist you in having a peaceful, happy and safe summer.

Explore a Museum and Create a Family Newsletter,
Play in the Dirt, Dig for Worms, Look for Lizards, and Hunt for Frogs and Tadpoles,
Bring Books Alive and Start a Family Book Club,
Take a Stress-Free Road Trip and Start a Family Tradition,
Volunteer as a Family,
Practice the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle),
Pick Berries, Hike, Catch Bugs and Bird Watch,
Create a Nature Table,
Finger Paint, Sculpt with Clay, Dry Flowers, Make Jewelry or Playdough,
Create a Treasure Hunt,
Produce a Family Musical and Perform it,
Conduct a Family Talent Show and Host a Dance Party,
Make Mazes and Puzzles, Paint Rocks and Create a Rock Garden,
Explore the Neighborhood, Fly Kites and Feed the Ducks or Geese.

As with most things your kids will have more fun if you participate and join in the fun. Summer’s short so get out, get wet, grubby, laugh and enjoy it.